Reel Function

Basic Reel Function and Why We Grind





The reel must be a perfect cylinder in order to provide a consistent cut along the bedknife. If the cylinder is found to be in a coned shape, a spin grind must be performed to grind the reel back to its cylindrical shape.






The bedknife has two angles that are essential to proper function. The top angle, or relief angle, helps to ensure that the grass clippings are properly ejected.

The front angle gathers the grass blades to be properly cut by the reel. Both angles must be set to the recommended manufactures specifications.



All bearings in the reel and roller assemblies must be free of play so the reel maintains proper alignment with the bedknife to maintain a consistent height of cut from reel to reel. 





By grinding the reel and bedknife as well as replacing worn out bearings and seals, you are guaranteed the cutting unit works the way the manufacturer intended.


What are the benefits to a properly maintained cutting unit?

  • A quality cut is essential for a strong and healthy turf
  • Extends the life of your cutting unit components (reel and bedknife)
  • Less wear and tear on the mowers hydraulic system
  • Better fuel economy
  • Promotes aesthetically pleasing turf and consistent ball roll to ensure you are providing your customers with the best possible golf experience.



I can ensure all bedknife angles will be sharpened to manufacturer specifications and that your reel is ground to tolerances within .001 of an inch.