A New Approach to Equipment Maintenance

As and avid golfer, I began woking at a local municipal golf course in order to get free golf. Being a mechanic by trade, I was quickly put to work helping the superintendent and his assistant maintain and repair the cutting units, as no full time mechanic was on staff. I took what I learned and became a full time technician at a private club. Around this time I purchased a set of grinders and began servicing reels for golf courses in the area. My experience has taught me that a good golf course technician is invaluable to the overall maintenance operation of the course. However, finding a good mechanic that knows the ins and outs of grounds equipment, especially reels, is not easy on a tight budget. To solve this problem I have developed a system that allows you to keep your equipment maintained, with an emphasis on the reels, without the cost of a full time technician. As an independent contractor I can help you save money by cutting the cost of your labor force. This will allow you to divert funds in order to make improvements to the course and to your business.

My Approach

  • Develop and execute a maintenance plan that is customized to your needs and budget.
  • Keep and maintain detailed records of each repair performed on each piece of equipment. This will ensure you know where your money is being spent.
  • Making sure the “cut” is always dialed in. Maintaining reels are my specialty, and I will ensure that the latest techniques are being use so your cutting units are always performing at peak level. This is the number one thing a mechanic can do that effects course ascetics
  • On call service. I am a phone call away to handle emergency situations.
  • Constant Communication: I want to be engaged with course management about future plans of the course. This way, I can to use my knowledge and experience to further the growth of your business. I want to treat your business with the same care as I treat treat my own.